Tuesday, January 01, 2008

اسمي في السي ان ان يا رجالة CNN mentions me

اسمي في السي ان ان يا رجالة
ترشيحي للرجل العادي
كرجل العام
في السي ان ان
5. “Ordinary People”
Many votes came in for the faceless, nameless individuals who have lived through tragedy and wars, assassinations and poverty; those who were forced out of their homes by war and those who have remained dignified in the face of despair. I have met many such people in my reporting throughout the region, and they have shown me that - ultimately - what unites humanity is much stronger than what divides it.
One reader wrote: “The Person of the Middle East is not any leader, Christian, Muslim or Jew, is not a general or soldier, he or she is not the captivating blogger or author, or philanthropist/king. The person of the Middle East is me, my neighbor, my countryman, the person across the border, his brother, son, wife and those beyond his borders. The person of the Middle East is every single one of us.”
From Egypt, Mohammed Hassan asked: “How about the Egyptian normal moderate man who is living with a salary 300 Egyptian pounds doesn’t he deserve to be the man of the year while he is still honest and trying to live?”
While Robert Godfrey sent in this message: "The obvious Middle East's 'People of the Year' are the innocent victims of war and terrorism."


البدراوى said...

كل سنة وانت طيب يا محمد
فينك يا راجل مش ظاهر ليه

mohamed h. said...

كل سنة و انت بالف خير يا باشا
انا موجود يا باشا و ربنا يكرمنا
جميعا في العام القادم ان شاء الله
و شكرا لزيارتك يا باشا